TransTint Dyes

TransTint Dyes

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TransTint Concentrated Dyes

Put spectacular, custom-colored finishes on your bow and arrows!

By mixing the primary colors (Lemon Yellow, Bright Red, Blue and Black) of concentrated TransTint dye solutions, you can create ANY color you can see in your mind's eye and will elevate your Long bow and cedar arrows to professional grade finishes.

These are the same dyes we use in all of our Finishing Classes and on our own personal longbows.

For a weather-proof finish, seal in your creation with our Wipe-on Poly and Paste Finishing Wax by MINWAX.

TransTint Concentrated Dyes can be mixed directly with water and denatured alcohol. They can also be used as a toner in shellac, solvent lacquer or water-based finishes.

2 fl oz Bottle (Sold Individually)

These dyes are made to order by the manufacturer so shipping times my vary.